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A browse of the internet reveals a number of web technologies interacting and working together to bring about a seamless and pleasant experience for users. Sometimes we encounter strange numbers and shortened words which reveal a broken component or components within many technologies that work to bring about a functional website.

Below is a brief description of technologies MS Web Design has used to build and develop web solutions for current and previous customers.


Hypertext Preprogramming (PHP) is one of the popular web programming languages in use today. The introduction of PHP has brought to web designers and developers alike the ability to create creative and dynamic websites with less code than traditional early hypertext languages such as HTML. However, writing less code was not the only dramatic element that brought PHP to life. PHP also provides the ability for web designers and developers to use some critical features of today's ever changing and interactive websites. Some of these features include:

  • Database connectivity
  • The ability to extend components within a page for rich dynamic experience and
  • Rich object-orientation, very important in the ability to work with components as objects


Businesses can take advantage of this technology by incorporating dynamic websites with back-end resources such as databases and customer relation management (CRM) software; this ultimately provides the customer with a much richer user experience and more interaction with the website’s features and offerings.


MS Web Design has developed and maintained websites in PHP. Our team has many years experience in form creation, image gallery development and integrating third party technologies such as JavaScript with PHP. Websites below illustrate the quality work that MS Web Design team achieved with PHP technology.

ASP  and .NET

Active Server Pages (ASP) allows for very powerful enterprise web application development. ASP was originally created by Microsoft to create web applications via the popular scripting languages VBScript and Python. This amalgamation of website development and scripting brought versatility to the development of web applications. It allows extensibility through ActiveX and Java components, which are very powerful to the development of interactive and professional website pages.


Dot NET is a new web development technology that has its roots from early ASP, similarly as PHP, it brings in a wealth of features that include database connectivity, and object oriented development with interactive components and user friendly interfaces. Dot NET is predominantly used in the development of enterprise level applications that incorporate business service oriented architecture (SOA) allowing businesses to incorporate business logic into e-commerce solutions.


MS web design has worked in the development and maintenance of ASP/.NET intranet and internet websites. Specific examples include:

  • Hamilton and James Bruce Intranet web-site
  • Waverley Council - Traffic Website
  • Waverley Council - Online Quiz

MS Web Design has improved functionality of the website portals. Specific attention has been made to online internet services across different client systems. MS Web Design team has successfully managed and executed the end product as per the set business requirements.


Joomla is a web content management system (WCMS) platform that publishes web pages to the intranet or internet. The system uses content management technologies to bring about a consistent maintenance framework for web content. The system is composed of already talked about technology PHP and database MySQL. It works by interfacing metadata from the database to the web development language PHP. In addition to this it allows easy management of content on a multi-user basis and versioning of content to be published at one time.       


Joomla is very popular in instances where content needs to be regularly updated by a multi-user group. Also its ability to interface a number of functionalities like RSS feeds, blogs, news flashes, polls, searching and language internationalization has led to its greater popularity. Combined this with the open-source nature of Joomla, which has brought essentially a license free content management system (CMS) to customers is an added bonus to this very powerful technology



WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL.




MS Web Design team developed Martins Australia e-commerce website by integrating ASP technology with back-end MS SQL server database. This resulted in the ability to control the data that appears on the website and provide ability for various business units to update website without the need to have an IT administrator present. This has both simplified the process and in-turn reduced costs.

MS Web Design worked on a project to implement a new "performance promise" module with ASP and MS SQL server database for Dimension Data. MS web design also assisted Dimension Data in the migration of content to this newly developed module.

MS Web Design also re-designed and developed a new web based administration portal to manage hardware and staff at Waverley Council. The project consisted of a web content management system to allow administrators and end-users to backup and export MySQL database tables via the phpMyAdmin service.



MS Web Design has the know how in managing and maintaining dynamic websites on ColdFusion that are connected to popular back-end database servers such MS SQL server. MS Web Design developed following specific services for ACS NSW:

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